Ardor (ARDR)

Although one of the top 100 currencies, currently taking the spot of the 55th best coin on the official ranking list, Ardor (ARDR) does not seem to be one of the most talked about coins, unlike TRON or Ripple have been for the past couple of months and counting.

However, it seems that this week goes in favor of the not-as-popular “underdogs”, as we can see Ardor alongside with several more top 100 coins going against the dollar at an increased pace of growth. In accordance with that trend, Ardor is spiking up by over 44% against the dollar in the course of a single day.

It is most definitely the case that the latest announcement from Binance was the main factor to cause the most recent price pump, as the announcement about the latest listing came less than 24 hours ago.

Ardor ARDR Spiking Up: Binance Listing the Main Trigger

Less than a day ago, Binance has announced the latest addition to their list of live trading coins by announcing Ardor (ARDR) in their official website, while the team behind ARDR retweeted their official listing announcement.

Binance makes up for one of the most trusted and most prominent exchange platforms in the crypto market, which makes Ardor more exposed to potential investors, which is the reason why Ardor is collecting over 44% of gains.

Binance also represents one of the densest exchange markets when it comes to the percentage of trading volumes, so consequently, Ardor had its own trading volumes increased since the official announcement about the Binance listing.

Ardor represents a Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform, specifically designed to meet the requirements of different business purposes that could be easily powered by blockchain technology.

ARDR is also offering a high level of scalability due to the fact that this platform is using the Proof of Stake protocol, which allows the platform to be easily modified, thus creating a highly scalable environment.

To address the problem of traffic jams and slow network time, as well as provide an add-on scalability, Ardor platform is using multi-chain architecture, which means that the network is created from parent and child chains, which additionally makes the blockchain ecosystem more efficient as well.

One of the ARDR users shared the news on ARDR’s official Twitter page, which speaks in favor of the processing time you can experience on this platform. The user attached a proof showcasing that ARDR makes 1-second blocks possible, that way confirming the efficiency of Proof of Stake protocol, while the average processing time on Ardor platform is 60 seconds.

As a fast, efficient, functional and highly scalable blockchain ecosystem, Ardor is slowly but steadily progressing towards the first half of the top 100 ladder, currently being among the top 60 digital assets with over 237 million dollars in market capitalization.

Ardor (ARDR) made its all-time high back at the peak of the positive market currents in January when the majority of digital assets marked record prices.

Since January, ARDR dropped from its record price of over 2$ to the current value of 0.23$ as scored due to the latest price pump as initiated by Binance, where ARDR spiked up by over 44% against the fiat.

Ardor makes up for a rather young platform, given the fact that it wasn’t officially launched until January of the following year. Prior to representing ARDR in January 2018, the team has made it through a year with a successful test net.

What might be the spinning wheel of the ARDR mechanism is its unique structure where there is only a single security parent chain with multiple child chains attached to it, that way enabling fast and multiple transactions while diminishing traffic jams and slow network time.

While the infrastructure used to build this BaaS ecosystem brought ARDR to the 55th spot on the official ranking list, Ardor is currently gaining momentum due to the latest bounce off as indicated by the latest Binance listing announcement.

However, despite nearly collecting 45% against the fiat in around 10 hours, ARDR is still trading far from its all-time high, while the price pump might not endure longer than the listing hype.

Although the most recently rooted price pump might be of short breath, ARDR might as well find some performance improvement in the increased exposure of the newly acquired listing, as well as the rising trading volumes on daily basis.

Ardor (ARDR) platform also allows Dapp creation which contributes to the rising interest among the investors and developers, so we could easily see ARDR climbing closer towards the top 50 coins in the near future with its scalability and multi-chain infrastructure as the main secret weapon.